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Size Chart Guide 1

1. Head Circumference in inches (Measure around head with tape above the browridge).  Modern hat size .

2. Neck in inches (Measure around base of the neck with tape). (sometimes different from storebought sizes)

Modern Shirt size : neck and sleeve .     Modern coat size .

3. Length from collar seam to normal waist (Measure straight down middle of back to just above pelvic bones).

4. Chest in inches (around the chest, keeping tape up under arms and around shoulder blades).

5. Waist in inches (Measure around waist at the naval).   Modern trouser size and inseam.

6. Inseam inches. (Measure from the crotch seam down inside of leg to bottom of trousers)   7. Hips inches.

8. Arm length inches. (Bend elbow - put your hand on your hip - Measure from center point on back of neck over the shoulder and down the outside of the arm, over the elbow and down to the wrist)

9. Distance from base of neck to top of shoulder inches.   10. Distance from edge of shoulder to wrist bone inches.

11 Distance across back - from edge of shoulder to edge of shoulder inches.

12. Circumference of arm at shoulder inches. (Shoulder seam around the underarm and back up to the shoulder seam)

13. Front width from arm seam to breastbone inches.   13B. Back width from arm seam to center of back inches.

14. Front width from halfway between underarm and waist to breastbone inches.

14B. Back width from halfway between underarm and waist to center of back inches.

15. Front width at waist from side seam to breastbone inches.

15B. Back width at waist from side seam to center of back inches.    16. Largest circumference of stomach inches.

17. Normal (modern) shoe size inches.     17A. Height and Weight lbs.

Additional Information Needed For Regimental Coats

18. Distance across front - Shoulder to shoulder inches.  18B. Circumference of Biceps inches.   

18C. Circumference of Elbow inches.   18D.  Circumference of Wrist  inches

18E.  Distance from Top of Shoulder to 6" from Floor  inches  (Measure while kneeling)

18F.  Distance from top of shoulder to Floor  inches  (Measure while kneeling)

Additional Information Needed For Knee Breeches

19. Fullest Part of Thigh inches.    19B. Around Leg - 2" Below Knee inches.

19C. Inseam  inches.  (Along inside of leg - Crotch to 2" Below Knee)  19D.  Around Knee  inches

19E. Stride   (measure from center of waist at naval to center of waist in rear - bring between the legs.)

19.F Outseam inches.  (along outside of the leg - From waist to 2" below knee)

19G.  At center Front - Distance from Waist to Crotch Seam inches

Additional Information Needed For Gaiters

20. (A)  From Mid - Thigh to Instep  inches   20. (B)  From Mid Knee to instep inches

20. (C)  From thickest Point of the Calf to instep inches  20. (D) Circumference of Mid - Thigh inches

20. (E)  Circumference of Knee  inches    20. (F) Circumference of the thickest Point of the Calf  inches

20. (G) Circumference of the Ankle inches     Modern Dress Shoe Size inches

Please note any fitting problems below.