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Colonial Shirts

This shirt is available in a variety of colors in both linen and cotton.  Our pullover shirt is of the traditional pattern.  It has a one button collar and a one button functional cuff.  The sleeves are gathered with a gusset under the arm for freedom of movement.


Plain Front-Cotton

#CP407RW    Size 36-46      $59.00

#CP407RW48    Size 48-50    $65.00


Ruffled Front-Cotton

#CR407RW          Size 36-46      $79.00

#CR407RW48      Size 48-50      $85.00


Plain Front-Linen

#LP407RW           Size 36-46       $162.00

#LP407RW48      Size 48-50       $178.95


Ruffled Front-Linen

#LR407RW          Size 36-46       $178.95

#LR407RW48      Size 48-50       $202.95

Colonial smocks

Linen Pullover Rifle Smock

The pullover smock is usually made of heavy natural linen but other colors may be had.   It has no button at the neck or cuff. These can come down as far as the knee. They were worn by workman, farmers, hunters, etc. It is the perfect outdoor garment as anything can be worn underneath. They can see military service with the Colonial Troops and Militia or as undress camp and fatigue wear.  They were usual garb of the early riflemen.  There is fringe for you to pull at the bottom, elbow and cuffs. 

Call for available colors.

You Will Need To Pull Your Own Fringe


#403RW          Small (Size 36)                     $165.00

#403RW           Medium (Size 38-40)           $165.00

#403RW           Large (Size 42-44)              $165.00

#403RW48      Extra Large (Size 46-48)      $185.00


Caped Rifle Shirt (Linen)


This rifle shirt is made on the pattern provided by the original in Washington’s Newburg Headquarters.  Made of heavy natural colored linen but may be had in various other colors or you may dye it.

(call for availability) It may have a double fringed cape and fringed arms, cuffs, and bottom.

You must fringe your own smock

You Will Need To Pull Your Own Fringe

Available in:

#402RW      Small (Size 36)                  $210.00

#402RW       Medium (Size 38-40)       $210.00

#402RW      Large (Size 42-44)            $210.00

#402RW48  Extra Large (Size 46-48)  $234.00

18thCentury Work Smock


The work smock is an oversized heavy natural linen outer shirt.  The shirt is used to cover clothes to protect them from dirt while working.  This was worn by laborers, farmers, and soldiers.  Some officers and well uniformed regiments also used them to protect good clothing against dust and bad weather in the field.  This is a pullover garment that has a lay down collar.  The cuffs are 1” wide with the button and buttonhole     closing.  The bottom of the shirt is hemmed with a narrow hem.  Each side has a slit approx 8” at the hem.

Available in:

#WS404          Small (Size 36)                    $210.00

#WS404          Medium (Size 38-40)            $210.00

#WS404           Large (Size 42-44)                $210.00

#WS40448      Extra Large (Size 46-48)        $234.00


Wrap Around Linen Smock


This smock has an open front with a lay down collar.  The front is to be fringed on both sides and around the bottom.  The sleeves may also be fringed on the cuffs.  It is made of heavy natural linen that can be worn as is or dyed to your   favorite color.  Various other colors are available (call for colors and availability).  The body of the smock is generous.

You Will Need To Pull Your Own Fringe

Available in:

#404RW       Small (Size 36)                 $234.00

#404RW      Medium (Size 38-40)       $234.00

#404RW       Large (Size 42-44)           $234.00

#404RW48  Extra Large (Size 46-48)   $258.00


Double Collar Hunting Shirt


This is a pullover shirt is made of heavy natural linen with a laced up front for neck closure.  The  double collars, sleeve cuff and bottom are left for you to fringe.

You Will Need To Pull Your Own Fringe


Available in:

#DCHS404RW      Small (Size 36)                 $216.00

#DCHS404RW       Medium (Size 38-40)       $216.00

#DCHS404RW       Large (Size 42-44)           $216.00

DCHS404RW48   Extra Large (Size 46-48)   $235.00


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