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Scabbards, and Frogs

For more scabbards please check out the Federal scabbard page.

Please note the hand stitching done in linen thread and the careful finishing job done on these goods. This fine hand craftsmanship is done by American workers here in our workshops. 

We are the manufacturer and may not have all items in stock.

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Leather Preservation  Please follow this link for more information on the care and feed of leather.

All "smoothout" leather (bridle) items (black and russet) are finished with period stains or dyes applied using period techniques.  This has all come out of my extensive research on the 19th century tanning industry.  The leather also has built in mold and mildew resistance in these period finishes.  To see pictures of the dyeing process in action please follow the link below.

To see more pictures how they dyed leather during the 19th century.

We use 1860's period techniques to dye leather.  An entire side is dyed at once and allowed three days to fully set up.  The drying process makes the finish water resistant as called for by the Ordnance Dept.

Following period methods has made it difficult to stock leather items so there may be a delay in getting your leather goods.

This way of finishing can cause the dyed surface to turn white in cold weather.  This is a common problem in period leather as well.  This white can be cleared with an application of white vinegar. 

This is all done in order to give you, the consumer the closest copy of the original items as possible.

Due to problems with black dye (iron) being transfered to the russet leather we now run it seperatly. The russet is dyed with a period method just like the black and it will stain when comes in contact with iron just like the original leather did.

Pre-War Militia Scabbard

#HS2504   Militia Scabbard for web shoulder sling.  (fully hand sewn scabbard)  $185.00

These are most known as Virginia scabbard but there are known pieces from Alabama that used the same type of webbing gear.

Made in black only.  (Specify if you are using the 1842, 1855 Springfield, or an original bayonet)

Pictures of an original Pre-War Scabbard

These were made post war as well and there are differences.  The most obvious are the differences in the frog. The later ones were made with a two piece frog.

Confederate Scabbards

#2500      CS Scabbard with Sewn Belt Frog     $95.00

#HS2500      CS Scabbard with Sewn belt Frog  (fully hand sewn scabbard)   $155.00

(No Rivets) (Black or Russet) (Hand Sewn)
(Specify if you are using the 1842, 1855 Springfield, or P53 Enfield bayonet)

#2502      Richmond Scabbard     $95.00

#HS2502        Richmond scabbard (fully hand sewn scabbard)   $155.00

(No Rivets) (Black Only)

This scabbard has the frog sewn on (without rivets) and has a lead stud finial tip that is sewn in rather than pinned.
(Specify if you are using the 1842, 1855 Springfield, or P53 Enfield bayonet)

C S Scabbard without a tip

#HS2503 CS Scabbard without tip (fully hand sewn scabbard)  $155.00

I saw the original to this scabbard when I was looking through a large leather collection.  The scabbard never had a tip and was finished at the bottom with stitching.  The frog was similar to the Federal pattern of 1851, being sewn without rivets.  This is available in either Enfield or Springfield for reproduction bayonets, or the 1842, and to fit original bayonets.  Please state which bayonet it is going to be used for when ordering.

#HSENF0248   (British) Bayonet Scabbard (Without Frog) for P53 Enfield Rifled Musket (Black Only)  (fully hand sewn scabbard)   $120.00

These are not imported scabbard but are made here in the US

This scabbard is for the British Pattern 1853 Rifled Musket. While it does show up in many Confederate photographs, it's use by Federal soldier appears to be strictly limited. The majority of photo's showing this scabbard and frog arrangement being used by Federal troops are from the 44th Mass. which received much of it's equipment from a captured blockade runner.

Our reproduction of this scabbard is for use with the #ENF2601 frog. The brass throat and finial are exacting replications of the original in our collection. This scabbard can be made for either reproduction or original bayonets, please indicate which you are using.


Bayonets are imported items; therefore, we have no control of production;.  Some fitting to the musket barrel may be required.  You will need to do your own fitting.  We offer this service at an hourly rate only.

#7032      Springfield Bayonet (Musket Models 1855-1864) Scabbard not included $47.50

#7033      Enfield Bayonet Scabbard not included  $47.50

Bayonet Scabbard Frogs

Items in photo from left to right: 2604, 2603, ENF2601

#ENF2601      (British Pattern) Bayonet Frog for P53 Enfield (Black Only) (Hand Sewn)              $46.00

Intended for use with the P53 Enfield musket this frog does not have the buckle arrangement per British usage.

#2602      Bayonet Frog for Enfield Sword Bayonet (Black Only) (Hand Sewn)              $55.00

This frog is intended for use with the Enfield sword bayonet and comes with the buckle and strap arrangement.

Early Pattern Sword Bayonet Frog


#2606        Early Sword Bayonet Frog (to fit the Mississippi rifle and the 1855 rifle)

This is the early production style frog used for carrying the newly adopted sword bayonet for the Mississippi rifle and the 1855 rifle.  This style of frog is often confused as being for the naval cutlass.  Look for additional information on this frog in Paul Johnson’s (author of “Civil War Cartridge Boxes”) upcoming book on bayonet scabbards.  These frogs were made in three types of material, blackened buff, waxed, and bridle leather. 

The frog will be made in the style for the Mississippi bayonet unless otherwise specified.  . . . . . . . . . .  $55.00   (ADD $40.00 for blackened buff finish)

 (The frog pictured is made of bridle leather.)

OPTIONS:  Blackened Buff, Waxed Leather,  Or Bridle Leather

When Ordering Specify Mississippi Rifle or 1855 Rifle

Crown soap-  4oz of soap in a tin container $8.95

We are now offering this period soap for cleaning leather.  This is based off a period recipe for soap liked by harness makers.  This is not like modern saddle soaps but instead is mostly made from cod oil.  This type of soap will clean the leather but not be harsh enough to damage the leather.   Leather items should be cleaned with soap several times a year in order to prevent the build up of dirt and other things that will damage the grain surface. 

#113      Neatsfoot Oil 8 fl. oz. 100% pure              $6.95

#PW124        Preservation Wax                            $14.95

This is specially designed product to give you maximum life out of your leather items.  This is the clear wax, for use on russet items.  This wax contains a natural mold and mildew inhibiter, along with protection from insect damage.   

 #BPW125        Black Preservation Wax              $16.95

This is specially designed product to give you maximum life out of your leather items.  Lamp black has been added to help maintain the black color of your leather items.   This wax contains a natural mold and mildew inhibiter, along with protection from insect damage. 

Leather Preservation  Please follow this link for more information on the care and feed of leather.

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