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Each Firearm Should Be Treated As a Separate Order. Please Include $25.00 For Shipping/ Handling/Insurance.


We were trying to keep the website up to date on prices but it changes so fast we have now pulled the prices so please call or e-mail with a price inquiry before ordering.

Shipping/Handling charges are more on this weapon due to its size.  It falls in the oversize range on all shipping services.

#AS125          1842 US Percussion Musket (.69 smoothbore) Armi Sport Manufacture    $ + $25.00 shipping/handling

#AS126          1842 US Rifled Musket (.69 cal Rifled)  Armi Sport Manufacture              $+ $25.00 shipping/handling

The model 1842 U.S. Percussion Musket was produced in great numbers by both the Harpers Ferry and Springfield Armories from 1844 to 1855. Many of these arms had been delivered to militias in the late 1850s and saw service in the early years of the Great Conflict. This reproduction is true to the original measurements, with 42" barrel. The percussion lock is marked on the lock plate in rear of the hammer "SPRINGFIELD" and date "1847" in three vertical lines reading to the rear, and in front of the hammer, "US" under and eagle looking rearwards. Furniture in white. Stock is 55" long and barrel is 42" long, finished in white. Overall length: 58".              

#AS5052      1842 Bayonet (Italian Mfg)      $175.00

1842 Bayonet

Enfield Musket, P-1853(.58 cal)

The 1853 3-Band Enfield Musket saw service by both the Northern and Southern troops during the Civil War. This replicas has all the features of the original including the one-piece walnut stock; original styled barrel bands; and blued barrel. The Enfield is accented with brass butt plate, trigger guard and nose cap as per the original. The "V" style mainspring in the percussion lock and military style sights compliments this fine musket. Overall length: 55".

#AS120      1853     3 Band Enfield Armi Sport Manufacture                $ + $25.00 shipping/handling

#7033      Enfield Bayonet Scabbard not included  $47.50

#2705  British pattern musket sling in black leather  $69.00


Enfield sling1

Enfield sling2

Enfield sling3

#2705WB British pattern musket sling in (white) Buff leather $66.50

Buff English Musket sling

US Model 1861 Springfield Musket(.58 cal)

The model 1861 Springfield Musket was the principal firearm of the Civil War. By the end of 1863 most Federal infantrymen were armed with either this musket of the Enfield. This Piece features a one piece forged barrel; military style sights; steel butt plate, trigger guard and barrel bands; and a swelled ramrod like the original muskets. The lock is marked "1861" Springfield" with an eagle. Has bright furniture, and a clean out screw bolster. American Walnut stock.

#AS110        US Model 1861 Springfield Musket Armi Sport Manufacture           $ + $25.00 shipping/handling

#7032      Springfield Bayonet (Musket Models 1855-1864) Scabbard not included $47.50

#AS151      1859 Sharps Rifle (Infantry) (.54 cal)    $ + $25.00 shipping/handling

This rifle is a paper cartridge rifle in .54 caliber. This Sharps features a 30" Round Blued Barrel attached to a American Walnut Oil Finished stock with 3 metal bands. The front sight is fixed and barrel features an adjustable rear sight. Stock features a steel patch box. The barrel is 1 in 48" twist with 6 grooves. The overall length is 47". Tang is predrilled for creedmore sight placement with 2 1/4" base.

#AS152      1859 "Berdan" Military Sharps (.54cal)    $ + $25.00 shipping/handling

Exactly as the above Infantry Sharps rifle except this model is equipped with double set triggers.

#AS153      1859 Cavalry Sharps  (.54 cal)     $ + 25.00 shipping and handling

This the sharps with the patch box.   All other things are like the 1863.

#AS154      1863 Cavalry Sharps (.54 cal)    $ + $25.00 shipping/handling

This rifle is a paper cartridge rifle in .54 cal. This Sharps features a 22" Round Blued Barrel. The front sight is fixed and barrel features an adjustment rear sight. The barrel is 1 in 22" twist with 6 grooves. The overall length is 39". Tang is predrilled for creedmore sight placement with 2 1/4" base.

Confederate Manufacture Arms

Richmond Musket (CS) (.58 cal)

The C.S. Richmond Musket was manufactured from 1861 to 1865 by The Richmond Armory in Richmond, Virginia. This musket was produced in larger numbers than all other Confederate long arms manufactured during the Civil War. The Richmond features a one-piece forged barrel; military sights; steel trigger guard, barrel band; and brass butt plate and nose cap. The lock is marked 1862 to the left of the hammer and C.S. RICHMOND, VA. to the right of the hammer. The barrel has the VP and the eagle head stamped into the left of the breech. The Richmond also features a one piece American Walnut Oil Finished Stock. Please note that the Richmond is noted for its accuracy. Overall length: 56".

#AS115      Richmond Musket (CS) circa 1862  Armi Sport Manufacture                  $  + $25.00 shipping/handling

#7032      Springfield Bayonet (Musket Models 1855-1864) Scabbard not included $47.50

Firearm Accessories

#7001      Long Cleaning Rod for Muskets (Sent only with a Musket)      $7.50

#7009      Flannel Cleaning Patches (Bag of approx. 500)      $10.00

#7016      Frizzen Cover   $11.95
A hand sewn leather sheath. Fits over the frizzen of a flintlock musket to prevent a spark should the hammer strike accidentally. Provided with a leather lace to be tied to the trigger guard to prevent loss.


#MSK2710      Cloth Gun Case (cotton drill).  Please specify the type of musket when ordering.  $20.00

Replacement Ramrods

#SRR7001      Springfield Ramrod (Replacement only. Each musket is provided with a ramrod)                   
#ERR7001      Enfield Ramrod (Replacement only. Each musket is provided with a ramrod)                         

#42RR7001    1842 Smoothbore Ramrod (Replacement only. Each musket is provided with a ramrod)         


Musket Slings

All Musket slings are now made in the stained finish.  For more information on stained finish please follow this link.

The US musket Slings were contracted in either "fair" or stained leather.  Exposure to dirt grease and iron has aged some of these slings to look as if they were originally black but this is not the case.

  For more information on stained finish please follow this link.

US Army Contract Slings

For instructions on how to put on a musket sling click here.

#271839    Pattern of 1839 Musket Sling               $48.00

(Fits the 1842 Musket, Mississippi Rifle, 1816, and 1835)  This is the first sling made of russet leather and brass hook.  This sling is 44" long, and this is true that the sling for the 42 musket is shorter than that of the 1855.  For more information on this sling please see Summer 2002 issue Military Collector and Historian, Journal of the Company of Military Historians.

#2702      Sling for 1855 and 1861 Springfield         $48.00

(Will fit the Enfield or Springfield) This is the US Government pattern with hook, a standing loop, and a sliding loop. They are made in the oiled finish only.      In order to make this sling fit an Enfield you will need to add a new set of holes 23" down from the hook.  The US ordnance dept did not make a special sling to fit the Enfield, that has been documented so far but the soldier must have modify the regular musket sling to fit.

#2704      Sling for the US 1873 .45/70 Rifle (Springfield "Trapdoor")        $62.00

 The same as #2702 but longer. The are made in the oiled finish only.     

We make the later one piece type but if you request we will make the earlier two piece. 


#E2704     Two piece early trap door sling  $59.95

#2710 Henry Rifle Sling  $62.00

This sling is a private purchase sling.   There is a neat feature on this sling and that is the leather protector to prevent the brass button from damaging the stock.  The original this one was copied from was originally black.

c.s. Linen musket sling

#LS2708         CS Linen Musket Sling. . . . . . . . . . . . . $39.00

This musket sling is patterned from an original in Paul Johnson’s private collection and we fully believe it to be Confederate in origin.  The original sling is long enough to fit the Richmond, 1855 or 1861 Springfield.   This sling has a bent wire hook along with leather reinforcements and a free leather loop and leather attached loop.   This sling was not made for the Enfield muskets.

US Carbine Slings

Made here in our shops for maximum durability and authenticity. Has the regulation carbine sling buckle and brass end piece. These can be furnished in black or white.

#WB2706 White Buff Carbine Sling with the Steel Swivel Snap $159.00 

This sling uses the early buckle.

#WBB2706     (Post 1851 regulation where the buff is now dyed black)     Temporarily Unavailable

This sling uses the early buckle.

#EL2706 Early War carbine Sling. $106.00

This sling is made from waxed leather.  The Army began making the carbine slings from waxed leather in 1858.

This sling also has the early carbine sling buckle.

#2706 Carbine Sling (without the Swivel Snap) $106.00

#2706A        Carbine Sling with the Steel Carbine Swivel Snap      $128.00

#2707             Carbine Swivel Snap Reproduction                                                                   $19.95

CS Carbine Sling with steel buckle and hook  $165.00

I looked at the original to this sling many years ago and it was thought to have been made in Tennessee.  I looked at it very closely and it was of the period but no marks could be found to tell where it was made other than it was definitely Confederate.  Odd enough is the brass ring and steel snap.  Although the original was black it could have been made in russet if the supply of black dyed leather ran out.

cs carbine slingCS carbine slingcs carbine sling


Bayonets are imported items; therefore, we have no control of production;.  Some fitting to the musket barrel may be required. 

You will need to do your own fitting.  We offer this service at an hourly rate only.


#7042      1816 Bayonet (Italian Made)      $175.00

#AS5052      1842 Bayonet (Italian Mfg)      $175.00

1842 Bayonet

#7032      Springfield Bayonet (Musket Models 1855-1864) (Scabbard not included) $47. 50
#7033      Enfield Bayonet P-1853 (Scabbard not included)  $47.50

Follow this link for information on Federal scabbards

Follow this link for information on Confederate scabbards

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