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Carbine and Musket Slings

The US musket Slings were contracted in either "fair" or stained leather.  Exposure to dirt grease and iron has aged some of these slings to look as if they were originally black but this is not the case.

  For more information on stained finish please follow this link.

US Army Contract Slings

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#271839    Pattern of 1839 Musket Sling              $57.00

(Fits the 1842 Musket, Mississippi Rifle, 1816, and 1835)  This is the first sling made of russet leather and brass hook.  This sling is 44" long, and this is true that the sling for the 42 musket is shorter than that of the 1855.  For more information on this sling please see Summer 2002 issue Military Collector and Historian, Journal of the Company of Military Historians.

#2702      Sling for 1855 and 1861 Springfield        $57.00

(Will fit the Enfield or Springfield) This is the US Government pattern with hook, a standing loop, and a sliding loop. They are made in the oiled finish only.    

 In order to make this sling fit an Enfield you will need to add a new set of holes 23" down from the hook.  The US ordnance dept did not make a special sling to fit the Enfield, that has been documented so far but the soldier must have modify the regular musket sling to fit.

Origins of the 1873 Springfield Sling

The first slings for the new 1873 Springfield’s rifle was made by first using up the surplus 1855/1861 gun slings. These slings were 46” in length and would not fit the new gun with the changed swivel locations. The first solution was to take two of the 46” sling and cut them up and make a new one-piece sling still using the single brass hook. These slings are seamed together into one piece of leather, but it is called an early two-piece sling.

In the early 1880’s this practice was changed, and a new one-piece sling was made 68” in length. These still used the single brass hook found on earlier sling held in with two pins. This hook system had been used since the introduction with the Pattern of 1839 sling. These new long slings were made at Watervliet Arsenal and are marked on the sling near the lower loop.

Toward the end of the 1880’s a new sling two separate pieces with the new double claw hook. We do not make this sling! This is a short explanation of the changes in gun slings relating to the 1873 trapdoor guns.

#E2704     Two piece early trap door sling  $70.00

This is the first sling made to fit the trapdoors. This sling was made from cutting up the old 46" sling and splicing them together and making a new one-piece 68" sling. This was done until the 1880's when the switch was made to the one-piece sling.

#2704      Sling for the US 1873 .45/70 Rifle (Springfield "Trapdoor")        $65.00

 This the later sling for the trapdoors and is made of one piece of leather with no splices.  Still using the single brass hook held in place with two pins and are marked Watervliet Arsenal.      

#2710 Henry Rifle Sling  $70.00

These sling were not issued through the Ordnance Dept., making them a private purchase sling during the Civil War.   There is a neat feature on this sling and that is the leather protector to prevent the brass button from damaging the stock.  The original this one was copied from was originally black. There is a hook need to make this sling work and they can be purchased through S & S Firearms of New York.

Foreign Made slings


#2705  British pattern musket sling in black leather  $79.00

Enfield sling1

Enfield sling2

Enfield sling3

#2705WB British pattern musket sling in (white) Buff leather $79.00

Buff English Musket sling


#2709  Austrian or Belgium Musket sling   $49.95

This is copied off an original sling that I picked that is for either the Austrian Lorenz or the Potsdam muskets.  This is the sling that would have been shipped from Europe and is not one made here in the US. 

US Carbine Slings

Made here in our shops for maximum durability and authenticity. Has the regulation carbine sling buckle and brass end piece. These can be furnished in black or white.

#WB2706 White Buff Carbine Sling $150.00

This sling uses the early buckle.

#WBB2706     (Post 1851 regulation where the buff is now dyed black)     Temporarily Unavailable

This sling uses the early buckle.

#EL2706 Early War carbine Sling  $110.00

This sling is made from waxed leather.  The Army began making the carbine slings from waxed leather in 1858.

This sling also has the early carbine sling buckle.

#2706 Carbine Sling (without the Swivel Snap) $110.00

CS Carbine Sling with steel buckle and hook  $178.00

I looked at the original to this sling many years ago and it was thought to have been made in Tennessee.  I looked at it very closely and it was of the period but no marks could be found to tell where it was made other than it was definitely Confederate.  Odd enough is the brass ring and steel snap.  Although the original was black it could have been made in russet if the supply of black dyed leather ran out.

cs carbine slingCS carbine slingcs carbine sling


#2708      US Enlisted Sabre Wrist Strap (Black Only)              $73.00

Two loops shown in photo but a single loop was all that was supplied.

White Buff Sword Knot

#2708WB   Buff sword Knot   $135.00

#2708BDB   Buff Dyed black Sword Knot      Temporarily Unavailable

This sword knot is copied after an original in the Jarnagin collection.   This knot first came available in the 1840's and was made through the 1850's

There is only one loop on the originals. If you want a second loop there is a $15.00 charge per loop.


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