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Original Confederate Items

The "Gettysburg Shoes"

The two shoes shown came out the Rose barn in Gettysburg Pa. They are from two different pairs but they are the same type of construction. The upper is made from thin leather and backed with cloth, with a leather welt covering the edges. These were not constructed for heavy marching but were pressed into service any way. One of the shoes has the remains a Confederate note inside the shoe. The note is a Virginia state one-dollar note from 1862. I wonder if the note was placed in the shoe for safe keeping?

The "CS 1850" Cap Box

This cap box was in great shape until a former owner let a dog get a hold of it.
I like the shape of the front and how very crooked it was cut.

The "CS LA 1850" Cap Box

This cap box has had the original tab torn off and someone later punched a new hole through the flap. The initials of the owner are scratched in the inner flap along with LA after it.

The "CS Shield" Cap Box

This is a nice single loop back strap shield front cap box. The pocket was formed in an unusual way, which cause the cap box to have a funny side view.


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