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Civil War Confederate
1861 - 1865

Our Uniforms, Leather Accoutrements, Footwear and Tinware are made right here in

our shops in Corinth, MS, by a small staff of American craftspeople.

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Since inception C&D Jarnagin Company has strived to make the most authentic reproduction historical products possible. This has been an ongoing process for the past 30 years. Our staff has many years of dedicated service to the company and take pride in the workmanship put into each product made.  We have upgraded patterns and materials as new research indicates. We have been working with several woolen mills and leather tanneries to insure the most accurate raw materials to produce our reproductions.  Every day is spent researching new products and new information on current products to stay on top of what is available.

The Jarnagin family has also collected and traded artifacts over the years and each have a selected few items in their collection that are used for reference. Through memberships in the Company of Military Historians, the Costume Society of America an other organizations the Jarnagin family call upon colleagues, historians, museum curators, and others for their valued expertise whenever necessary. On occasion colleagues will have original items that they will share with us to research and reproduce. Some institutions will share data with us and possibly photographs that are very helpful. We are grateful to all those who have supported us over the years and hope to continue the relationship for many years to come.  The use of published articles and information provided us through private or public sources is not meant as the stated or implied endorsement of our reproduction by that individual or institution. 

Carolyn Jarnagin, co-founder, has many years of sewing and business management skills.  Her knowledge of fabrics has also allowed her to work with the textile industry to get reproduced the best fabric as close to the original fabrics as possible. Due to the large volume our company does we had to work with companies who would meet our specifications and mass produce the  fabrics. With the fragile American textile industry it requires that we have our finger “on the pulse” to assure we always have  fabrics  available to us. 

David Jarnagin, Operations Manager, must constantly watch the leather and metal industries to assure that these products are always available to us and meet our specifications. He consults experts in the field on the latest information available on original products so our reproductions are correct. His training in tool and dye technology and industrial engineering allows him to make patterns and molds necessary to allow the staff to make a quality product.  To see some of the research please follow this link Leather Definitions

We are knowledgeable on the standard regulations for Confederate and Federal troops but we may not be able to give you the original specifications for a specific unit within a certain state.  It is highly recommended that you go to your local library or contact your State Archives for that information.  This catalog is not a research book, it is meant to be a good aid for you to purchase the right items for your specific impression.

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