Rev war regimental ordering detail sheet

Collar  Yes or No   Color___________

Please circle one

Body ______________

Back Length From Collar to Tail of coat _________

Lapel Color  ____________________

Number of buttonholes on Lapel ________

Type of Button:  Domed Pewter,  Flat pewter, Brass, or other _______

                         Please circle one

Button spacing:  Evenly   grouped in two    grouped in threes

                         Please circle one

Pocket Color _____________

Pockets:  functional or non functional

               Please circle one

Number of buttons on Pocket  _______

Cuff Style  __________  

Number of Buttons ______    Position of buttons __________

Turnbacks Color  ______________

Decoration on Turnback Color ______________

Type of Decoration (heart, Rectangle, Other)  ____________