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Welcome to C&D Jarnagin Company. We are proud to bring you the finest, most authentic wares for 18th and 19th century living history...most of which is pain-stakingly created here with great attention to the smallest detail. Uniforms, Leather Gear, Tinware, Accessories... we make it all right here in the shop. A great deal of research has gone into each piece we produce. If we don't own an original (sometimes many varieties), we travel to collectors or museums and get permission to study the item. Authenticity is of the utmost importance to us. If you purchase an item from C & D Jarnagin Co. , rest assured it is absolutely authentic, with hours of research to back it up. It is what separates us from all the others!


A table full of haversacks are carefully constructed by hand. Accessories such as haversacks, knapsacks, gaitors, wallets, etc. are very popular with reenactors.

Leather Gear

All of our leather gear is faithfully prepared here, by hand. This includes belts, scabbards, cartridge boxes, and cap pouches to name a few.



One of our most popular items is footware... brogans and Colonial shoes, We follow original patterns and manufacturing techniques to produce quality, long lasting footware. Shown here is a pair of brogans being resoled.


We have a nice variety of most items for those non-custom orders.




you say you need buttons?!?


We have our own sewing shop where uniforms are carefully and faithfully prepared. Some "off the rack" items are available, as well as custom orders tailored to fit.


We also have our own tin shop, where we recreate some of the best tinware in the world... the variety and quality is second to none for historical recreations.


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