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Federal Cap Pouches

During the Mexican War caps were carried in the right hand jacket pocket. Problems with this method of carriage caused the first cap boxes to be produced. Cap pouches were made for each regiment, so designs and styles varied. Each Cap Pouch Is Provided With A Nipple Pick (cone pick).

Please note the hand stitching done in linen thread and the careful finishing job done on these goods. This fine hand craftsmanship is done by American workers here in our workshops. 

We are the manufacturer and may not have all items in stock.

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Leather Preservation  Please follow this link for more information on the care and feed of leather.

All "smoothout" leather (bridle) items (black and russet) are finished with period stains or dyes applied using period techniques.  This has all come out of my extensive research on the 19th century tanning industry.  The leather also has built in mold and mildew resistance in these period finishes.  To see pictures of the dyeing process in action please follow the link below.

To see more pictures how they dyed leather during the 19th century.

We use 1860's period techniques to dye leather.  An entire side is dyed at once and allowed three days to fully set up.  The drying process makes the finish water resistant as called for by the Ordnance Dept.

Following period methods has made it difficult to stock leather items so there may be a delay in getting your leather goods.

This way of finishing can cause the dyed surface to turn white in cold weather.  This is a common problem in period leather as well.  This white can be cleared with an application of white vinegar. 

This is all done in order to give you, the consumer the closest copy of the original items as possible.

#240      1845 Cap Pouch             $95.00

(Completely Hand Sewn)
The 1845 cap box is thought to be the first cap box the US army adopted.

#EW242      (Early War) 1850 Cap Pouch             $95.00

(Completely Hand Sewn)
Until May 5, 1861 cap boxes were produced by the Watervliet Arsenal and added to the set being delivered by the contractors. The order went out for the contractors to now make the cap box as a part of the sets. The early 1850 cap box we are reproducing is from several in our collection. This cap box has no rivets in the back straps and the front flap does not cover the entire pocket and the stitch that holds the sheep skin does not go through the back of the cap box. We only make these cap boxes in two ways, with a small US stamp in the outer flap, and marked with H.A. Dingee or Gaylord makers stamp. (Specify)
This cap box is offered in hand sewn version only.

#PW241      US Shield Front Cap Pouch             $95.00

(Allegheny Arsenal-Prewar Pattern)

This cap pouch was made by the Allegheny Arsenal and is a pre-war pattern made with longer back straps to fit the riflemans belt. No rivets in the back straps.
(Completely Hand Sewn)

#PW241S      US Shield Front Cap Pouch  (Contractor produced- J.B. Sickles)            $95.00

This is a copy of the early cap pouches made at Allegheny Arsenal.   This one will fit on the rifleman's belt.  It has the long loops without rivets.

(Completely Hand Sewn)

#C241      Crossman Contract Shield-Front  Cap Pouch             $95.00

This cap pouch is a copy of the pre-war Allegheny pattern as can be seen the the photos below.  Although Crossman is not listed as having contracts in the early part of the war this style of pouch was not produced after the end of 1862.    

#HS241      US Shield-Front  Cap Pouch             $95.00

(Early War) (Contract)

(Completely Hand Sewn)
The shield front cap box began in production in the 1850's. If contractors got their samples from Allegheny Arsenal it would be this shield front pattern. This cap pouch has shorter back straps to fit the enlisted belt. Allegheny Arsenal included the shield front style until late 1862.

#HS242      1850 cap box (Mid War)  Cap Pouch     $95.00

(Completely Hand Sewn)
This cap box has the rivets added in the back straps and the flap has been lengthened to cover the entire pocket. The stitch that holds in the sheep skin is now sewn through the back of the cap box. This box is available in all the different maker names we have. (Specify)

Crown soap-  4oz of soap in a tin container $8.95

We are now offering this period soap for cleaning leather.  This is based off a period recipe for soap liked by harness makers.  This is not like modern saddle soaps but instead is mostly made from cod oil.  This type of soap will clean the leather but not be harsh enough to damage the leather.   Leather items should be cleaned with soap several times a year in order to prevent the build up of dirt and other things that will damage the grain surface. 

#113      Neatsfoot Oil 8 fl. oz. 100% pure              $6.95

#PW124        Preservation Wax                            $14.95

This is specially designed product to give you maximum life out of your leather items.  This is the clear wax, for use on russet items.  This wax contains a natural mold and mildew inhibiter, along with protection from insect damage.   

 #BPW125        Black Preservation Wax              $16.95

This is specially designed product to give you maximum life out of your leather items.  Lamp black has been added to help maintain the black color of your leather items.   This wax contains a natural mold and mildew inhibiter, along with protection from insect damage. 

Leather Preservation  Please follow this link for more information on the care and feed of leather.

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