Original Looped Waist Belt

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1839 Pattern Looped Waist Belt


As can be seen from the picture above there is no way for the belt plate to pass through the loop.  The plate had to be removed from the belt in order to take the belt apart.

Early Waxed waist belt with leather loop.



This is a mint shape waxed leather and this is very close to how the finish looked like new.

It should have a shine when new that is brighter than bridle leather.

As you can see on the picture above where the edge was originally dyed but has faded over time.

This belt is 40" Long and made from bridle leather. 

The thickness of the belt is 7 1/2 oz from end to end.

This may have been produced at Allegheny Arsenal.  The reason I believe that is the belt came with a plate made at Allegheny Arsenal.

This belt is 41" Long and made from bridle leather. 

The thickness of the belt varies from 5 3/4 oz to 7 oz from end to end.

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