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How to put on a belt buckle

First wrap the belt around your waist.  Mark the belt where the excess crosses the sizing hole.

Mark from where the belt crossed the sizing hole.


Measure distance on buckle between the single hook and the arrows.

Mark back the distance from sizing mark toward the clip or loop.  This is where the arrows or feet holes will need to be located.

Center the plate on belt with the arrows or feet over the mark made above.

Picture showing the imprint made by pressing down on the buckle. 

Punch or drill two holes and make two half inch slits toward the clip or loop end on the belt.  After this is done cut belt off 3/4" past the holes.  I clip the corners of the belt to keep it from catching on things. 

(The picture on the right show how it was originally done.)

Work arrows or feet through the holes.

Flatten down the arrows.  And you are done.

This is what it looks like when done.


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